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‘Visscherskoppen’ - Stephan Vanfleteren

afbeelding visscherskoppen Stephan Vanfleteren
(c) Jan D'hondt Bad voor NAVIGO
Due to the expo 'Onze Vissers', the 'Visscherskoppen' are temporarily unavailable.


In the temporary exhibition hall of the NAVIGO – National Fisheries Museum you come face to face with 26 special men. Fishermen from the region, marked by the hard life on the North Sea. Each face, weather-beaten by water and wind, tells its own story. Joy, sadness, fear, confidence, love for the trade, face to face with the sea’s uncontrollable force. Or how one picture can say more than a thousand words.
Clouds, horizon and water: the fisherman’s holy trinity. At the mercy of the sea, their ship, their superstition and in the worst case the rescue helicopter. Fishermen snatched away from the life on land. A nation that in earlier times did not name itself aer their o­cial surnames, but their nicknames: Puste, Sjiekke, Mestkarre, Dove Fluppe, Harry Lap, Neuze, Bananne...
Photographer Stephan Vanfl­eteren (° 1969) grew up in the city of Oostduinkerke. As child of the sea he has been fascinated by the life of the fishermen for years. With ‘Visscherskoppen’ Van­fleteren wants to pay a respectful tribute to these heroes. These impressive portraits form an integral part of the collection of the NAVIGO – National Fisheries Museum.